Tests Certification

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Acess to Certifications (site in Portuguese)


Potência magazine
Download (1 MB)

Zyggot Recognition Driver for PC
VCPDriver_V1.1_Setup (Virtual COM Port Driver). Note: This same driver is found in the "Zyggot Manager" installation package, there is no need to download it separately when installing "Zyggot Manager".
Download (6 MB)

Zyggot Manager 2.0
Configurator and manager for Zyggot Low Voltage sensors.
Download (138 MB)

Zyggot Supervisor 0.16Beta (VSW/Z/S/F)
Download (157 MB)

Zyggot Arc 3.00 Configurator
Configurator for sensors and relays of the Zyggot Arc system.
Download (137 MB)

Zyggot SuperGer 1.05
Download (146 MB)

Daxxo Conifg 1.0
Download (131 MB)