Contactors for resistance control of wound rotor motors, reversing contactors, contactors for inductive loads or contactors for resistive loads.

The Solid State Contactors are an evolution of the old Static Keys. While those are basically used for resistive loads, solid state contactors are designed to support highly inductive loads such as induction motors in alternating current, cage or others in DOL starts or not. They have the advantage of not causing transient and still withstand high number of maneuvers. Additionally provide substantial savings by avoiding maintenance stoppages and production losses, especially in systems with high number of maneuvers and in harsh environments.

The Solid State Contactors from Varixx operates with soft switching, i.e., start on zero voltage and turns off in zero current, avoiding the generation of electromagnetic noise and voltage surges besides they soften the inrush current.

For motors with high amount of maneuvers.
For capacitor bank applications.
Starts with intermittent regime.

Models from 10 to 1200A.
Turns on at zero voltage and turns off at zero current.
Low consumption, compatible with the command from the PLC.
Rated voltage: 220 to 550V.
Maximum voltage: 600VAC.
Power / Command board: 20-50 VAC / VDC, 100-240 VAC / VDC, 110 VAC and 220 VAC.

Easy Installation.
Long service life and reliability.
High number of maneuvers / hour.
Silent operation and without vibration.
No periodic maintenance required.
Live parts protected.
Minimize Inrush Current.
Operates in dirty and aggressive environments.
Models with reversal replace conventional static keys.
Does not generate noise for sensible electronic equipment.
Does not generate overvoltages on stopping.
Command isolated by optocouplers.
Does not generate noise for electronic equipments.
Operation 'Zero Control Switching'.

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