Indicated for electrical installations in low, medium and high voltage, the smart sensors exempt external power supply and the only cable required is the fiber optic cable that is immune to electromagnetic interference. They are connected in a ring topology network and all addressing is done automatically. The sensors have batteries with military technology that can last up to 10 years, depending of the programmed number of daily readings. In case of sensor failure, fiber optics problem or low battery, an alarm message will be announced by the relay indicating exactly in which point maintenance is required. The system allows several reading a day, with programmable interval of reading or by fixed time. It has network failure indication, monitoring integrity of fiber optics network and sensors each 1 hour and, in case of failure, system will indicate the exactly location of the failure.

Relay Specifications
Power supply: 120 ~ 375 V¬DC / 85 ~265 VAC
Relative humidity: 5 a 95%
Number of sensors: up to 125
Alarm/Trip Resolution: 1 ºC
Inputs: 4 analog and 8 digitals (24VDC)
Outputs: 2 alarm relay outputs (level 1 and 2 ) ; 4 programmable relay outputs and 1 output for connection with sensor’s network

Sensor Specifications
Measurement angle: 7°
Precision: +/- 1ºC
Resolution: 1ºC
Target Temperature Reading Range: 0 to 300 ºC
Environment Temperature Reading Range: 0 to 75 ºC
Material: Thermoplastic
Baterry: Militar battery – 4800 mAh (replaceable) – Lithium-thionyl chloride (Li-SOCL2 – duration up to 10 years depending on number of daily readings)