Created to meet the necessity to increase operators and equipments security, Zyggot Arc System introduced an important innovation in the market. Dispensing current reading, it achieves protection through the detection of ultraviolet radiation, produced on any electrical arc even before light (which is associated with the expansion phase and destruction of the system). Detection is ultra-fast with total time for sending the trip signal equal 300 microseconds. To guarantee this time the system utilize on the output a static contact in parallel with the relay contact.

The sensors work with power and communication in the same cable. They are coupled to each other by two mini USB parallel outputs. The cables are supplied in measures from 0. to 8 meters, pre-assembled, enabling quick installation, error-free and without using tools. Each relay supports up to 50 sensors that must be addressed through the USB port of any PC using ZyggotArc soffware available on the site.

The system offers two options of sensors that must be specified as application

UVA sensor - Enclosures and sheltered application
Detects UVA and small portion visible light (240-340 nm)
Applicable for enclosures and shelttered applications
Do not act with ambiend light or indoor panels light. (can act if direct appointed to the clear sky, sun, flash or bright light)
Sensitivity to 2cm electric arc, produced by the test device at 1,5m, or to the real arc up to 30m

UVB Sensor - External applications
Detects UVB radiation (220-320 nm)
Applicable in panels, outdoor environment or equipments
Works properly even with strong visible light (unless pointed directly at the sun whose rays contains UVB)
Sensitivity to an arc of 2 cm, produced by the tester at 0.5m or arc real up to 30m