The Zyggot Temperature LV Sensor was specially designed for low voltage applications, which demand high number of sensors and minimum available space with low cost of devices. Its base can be fixed through a bolt or a metallic strap directly on the busbar to be monitored, ensuring space saving without damaging insulation. Once the sensor is installed near the monitored object, sensors have a reading angle of 60 degrees, maximizing reading area. Sensors measures the temperature and allow constantly temperature reading. Each sensor measures two temperature levels from the point and the air of the environment. They are connected with each other using mini USB cables, on sizes from 0,3 to 8,0 meters, allowing fast installation, error free and without the need of tools. Each relay supports up to 125 sensors and reading values of each sensor can be plotted in a graphic on the relay or using a supervisory system.

Relay Specifications
Power supply: 24 V¬DC
Relative humidity: 5 a 95%
Number of sensors: up to 125
Alarm/Trip Resolution: 1 ºC
Inputs: 4 analog and 8 digitals (24VDC)
Outputs: 2 alarm relay outputs (level 1 and 2 ) ; 4 programmable relay outputs and 1 output for connection with sensor’s network
Communication: Modbus RTU and Profbus DP

Sensor Specifications
Measurement angle: 60°
Precision: +/- 2,5% S.B.
Emissivity: adjustable (0,95 default)
Resolution: 1ºC
Target Temperature Reading Range: 10 to 120 ºC
Environment Temperature Reading Range: 0 to 75 ºC
Power supply: 24 VDC
Width: 31.2 mm
Lenghth: 54 mm
Communication: Modbus RTU
Material: Thermoplastic