Departure smooth electric three phase induction motors.

Easy and quick installation and start up.
Requires no programming.
Reading the current integrated.
Reduced dimensions.
Reduces the starting current.
Increases engine life.
Posts thermoplastic power protecting live parts.
Reduces leaps and punches in mechanical system.
Enables engine start with any type of cargo (including heavy).
Optional remote HMI for installation in door panel.
Allows precise stops: prevents water hammer.
Adjustable current limiting starting.
Allows engines between 50% and 100% of rated current, enabling starting currents of up to 4.5 times.
Inside delta connection allows starting engine 70% higher with the same Soft starter.

Have some protections and corporate signage.
Automatic shutdown in case of overload applied to the motor axis.
Adjustments that allow the SS perfectly fit for load conditions.
It does not require the use of special motor.
High number of maneuvers (up to 12/hour).
Chance of Stop Soft.
Detection of cavitation in pumps.
Indications of 'Ready to start', 'Ramp' and 'Endgame'.
Current range of 18A to 1200A.
Supply: 220 or 380 or 440 VAC.
Indication of voltage and current of the motor: Remote HMI.
Line with bypass incorporated.

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