For many years Varixx operates within the ISO quality standards always thinking about the ongoing training of all company aided by Varixx total quality program. Daily cultivates a culture of quality through the creation of conditions to achieve the best possible performance to meet internal and external requirements. Think immensely in the environment adapting intelligent global trends to create a balance between maintaining profitability and reducing environmental impact. 

.    Customer Satisfaction 

.    Continuous improvement and process improvement 

.    Compliments of deadlines 

.    ​Qualification of employees through training

The company is proud of in more than 30 years never to have had a single stain in his eligibility.   All of the payments were made without any day of delay in all his history and we never had a single lawsuit of any nature, against us or of us with respect to customers or suppliers, demonstrating the deep respect and professionalism that orientates us, this way in our commercial relationships. The company is proud of having durable partnerships with large companies, as certified  supplier of important parts. As example we can mention General Electric company that uses Static Exciters for large generators and large synchronous motors. GE is in constant inspections in more than 200 itens relative to quality, certified us as a international supplier and this way we are pre-qualified to supply for any GE unit GE in the world without pre questionings or inspections. This way we supply to GE Canada for example