Since 1976, Varixx follows his vocation for the development of high technology products. The know-how in power electronics allowed ever offer wide range of products that have become known for innovation, high quality and useful life. Holds several technology patents, Varixx values the introduction of functional and smart concepts in domestic market and worldwide.

Founded in 1976, initially manufacturing highly complex automatic test equipments (test Jigs with needles) for test and calibration of electronic equipments for Philips, equipments these until then not manufactured in Brazil, following along the time and until today his vocation of always to develop and to produce high technology equipments.  Other equipments came later, like Static Exciters for generators and synchronous motors, Very High Current Rectifiers, Soft Starters for low and medium voltage, Protection Relays, Solid State Contactors, Power Controllers, Systems for no contact temperature supervision (”thermography”) and others, besides of aggregating other companies in other sectors, becoming a leader of a group of companies.

  • First company to produce Test Jigs in Brazil. 
  • First company to produce in Brazil Static Excitaters for generators and synchronous motors. 
  • First company to produce in Brazil Soft Starters for low voltage motors and one of the first ones in the world. Nowadays one of the two companies to do produce it in Brazil.  
  • First and only company until today to produce integrally in Brazil Soft Starters for medium voltage motors. 
  • One of the two company in Brazil to manufacture controlled Very High Current Rectifiers (up to 45000 A per module).
  • Only world manufacturer of High Current Solid State Contactors (up to 1200 A). 
  • Only world manufacturer of the Online no contact "thermography" system (Zyggot system). 
  • Only world manufacturer of Online Corona Effect monitors, by ultra-violet radiation, family that still includes ultra violet arch sensors. 
  • One of the few companies in the world to manufacture Synchronism Controllers for synchronous motors (Control Box), that is installed inside of great synchronous motors).